Watch the Video or Read the Transcription Below of Tony Bass’ conversation with landscape business owner Bruce Cummings.

Tony Bass:  Alright. Well, how’s it done-how’s it work for you? I mean if people called in and I know you used it in spring, you know, what were the results?

Bruce Cummings:  We had over 750 applicants for 3 positions that we advertised. I received 150 calls. I actually had 12 people out of the 750 original applicants who could follow directions and do what they were supposed to do. Out of the 12, we hired 7 and we still have five working here now.

Tony Bass:  So, what you just heard, ladies and gentlemen-which by the way, those numbers are-I’m amazed you got those off the top of your head-so, obviously you’ve been measuring and tracking the results of your activity which is wonderful! I was unaware of those numbers and let me just do the math on this because I want to see 7 divided by 12-so that’s 58 percent-58% of the people that went through your process you determine to be eligible for hire.

Bruce Cummings:  Yes, after they actually followed the process of majority I will more qualified to be hired.

Tony Bass:  Bingo! And so hopefully everybody that’s listening in right now will understand that your responsibility as a 1.9%er are in the population-that is you’re an asset on the balance sheet of America, my friends. You can be a little bit picky about who you hire because where you’re hiring from is the other 97.1%. You don’t need to settle. You can be a little picky.  You got any thoughts or any other thing you want to add this Bruce? I need to move along and share another of the 11 steps.

Bruce Cummings:  Just that it works! You just have to put a little time and effort into it and I have the faith that it’s going to work.

Tony Bass:  Bingo! Well said!

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