AHM Case Study with Paramount Landscaping Owner, Karl Shottler


Hello – My name is Tony Bass.

I am the author and creator of the online training program that We call “The Automatic Hiring Machine”.

Since introducing this Innovative Employee Recruiting & Hiring System to owners of lawn & landscape companies…
We’ve been carefully watching the results from our students.
And today, we’re thrilled to share the results from one of our students in this brief “case-study” report…

Meet Mr. Karl Schottler, owner of Paramount Landscape, Kansas City, KS.

Karl contacted our company after seeing an online ad about “The Automatic Hiring Machine”.
We took notes during his initial phone call to our office.
We thought his comments and story would be very helpful for other lawn and landscape business owners.

You see, Karl had been participating in the H2B guest worker recruiting program in past years…But he knew the government program was cumbersome and offered no guarantees of success. So when he saw the online ad for the Automatic Hiring Machine… “it stuck with him”!

Karl knew that recruiting employees was getter tougher as the economy gets better…but…as a seasoned business owner; Karl was a little skeptical about claims we were promoting in the advertisement.
We placed a copy of the ad here so you could see these claims for yourself.

Karl answered the ad by watching the online video.
But he was still a bit skeptical & so he called our company to talk with a “live person”.

After all…Karl didn’t want to waste his hard-earned money on something that wouldn’t really help his company.

Karl quickly learned on the phone call that our company was reputable in the field of landscape business consulting…
During the call, Karl was reminded that, myself (Anthony Bass) and Michael E. Gerber had published “The E-Myth Landscape Contractor: Why Most Landscape Companies Don’t Work & What To Do About It”.

When Karl verified the low cost to purchase immediate access to the Automatic Hiring Machine…He said, and I quote. “We waste more money than that each month in bad interviews! Sign me up.”
And that’s exactly what we did on Jan 3, 2018.

Karl received immediate access to the online training program. As Karl & his team went through the online course, he had a few questions. So, he called our office…and…just like his first inquiry…we answered the phone promptly AND answered his questions.

We think it’s important for you to know that our team is standing ready to assist our students. We continue to follow up with our students like Karl via email.

Here we are on March 25, 2018 and we received this email reply form Karl.
This is what Karl has reported to me.
I’ll share Karl’s comments with you…

I want to publicly Thank Karl Schottler for investing in our training program.
“Thanks Karl!”

I also want to Thank Karl Schottler for providing the comments and update on his hiring system.
“Thanks Karl!”

And now I want to encourage you to invest in your company’s education…just like Karl and many others.
Purchase access to the online training program we call The Automatic Hiring Machine.

Look for the big orange Buy Now button on the webpage

And…Just so you know…If you prefer to order over the phone…that’s fine with us. Here’s the phone number:
Toll Free


Please understand…
Our office hours are:
M-F 8 am to 5 pm.

So if you are watching this case study outside of these hours, you will get our voice mail…and this will slow down your access to the online training program.

So, here’s what I recommend…

Look for the big orange Buy Now button on the webpage

About 10 minutes after your purchase…

You’ll receive an important email.
Just follow the simple instructions contained in the email…

You’ll get online access to the entire training program…

The Guidebook is where you want to get started with your training.
We’ve taken great care to summarize over 6 hours of online instructional videos and the best practices we uncovered working with hundreds of business owners who have participated in our training program.

Once more – My name is Tony Bass.

Thanks for reading this case-study.
I look forward to hearing of your success using the Automatic Hiring Machine!

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